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Line Read #3 Line Read #3

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Jack I'll be honest, I downloaded this voice track just to add an d play around with sounds. I added a ghostly sound track into it and I think it came out really well, the voice seems to fit a ghostly character. I think the voice deserves to be recognized and I feel that it will definitely work great for characters which is why I recommended you for the recognition. I didn't use the voice track in any projects just to edit sound. If you want to listen to how I used the voice, you can listen to this link if you'd like. Keep up the great work :) mT_9sWI5cTBucXlMc21ZN0U

I hope you don't mind if I decided to play with the track just to see how it would sound.
Kind Regards, Randomdude90.

Childhood Dreams (Part I) Childhood Dreams (Part I)

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True Feel for the song

I like this piece of the song, it does seem to reflect its title. This piece seems like it can definitely be used in a great montage or animation (Which is actually where I first heard this piece).
Can't wait for part two to come out.
Keep up the great work.

DylanGlow responds:

Thanks a ton randomdude! I'm actually about to check that animation out for the first time right now! Thanks again for the great score and review!

~Dylan ^_^

Phoenix - Teardrops... Phoenix - Teardrops...

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This is a great song. I could honestly say this is worth top material. Very Well done. I loved the piano rifts. I could actually feel the rhythm and the emotion behind it. Sounds sad but yet empowering.

Sheodon responds:

Thank you very much, I'm glad that you liked it. I appreciate all ratings and critics. ;)

_.Summer is here._ _.Summer is here._

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Nice work with the synths and beats. It really gives the uplifting feel for summer. phenomenal job :D

Kieda responds:

haha thanks =]!