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Potion Shop Potion Shop

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Temmie, I am at a loss of words. I absolutely loved this. As a guy who grew up on Final Fantasy games and RPGs, I can really see the connection between the two and I think this would actually make for a great storyline. I loved the story, the dragon was adorable, the sound was spot on. You have earned yourself a watch. They say a great story is one that can be told without any words, and you captured that beautifully.

Please keep up the great work, you have alot of talent and can really make a great piece. This is something I really look for in a good animation here. I also loved the original concept for an animation. :)

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Mickey Goes To Court Mickey Goes To Court

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Plot twist, it was Minnie. She threw on some makeup and a fake cast to play victim. She knew she would be called to the jury so she could have a final say in Mickey's sentencing.

I wasn't a fan of this animation though, it had so much more potential for jokes, and even play on words. The audio was very soft, and it was hard to understand what the judge was saying because there was too much garble. I also felt that the story was lacking a bit. Perhaps some flashbacks of steamboat willie. Perhaps more disney characters. Perhaps witnesses to the stand, and all of mickey's friends turn on him.

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P-Mation #41: A-Door-Able P-Mation #41: A-Door-Able

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Playing hard to get, giving some chase but not making it impossible. Works every time. As usual, this piece was well animated, the audio was clean and I enjoyed the story you were able to express. Well done :)

Dude Love Dude Love

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'm giving this a 0 because I thought it could have been much better. The animation was very choppy, I would definitely recommend much more frames in between. Make minimal movements between each frame. The great thing about legos is that they are based on a grid and are very flexible as to what you can make. even if it's one stud (The little bumps on top of a Lego) at a time, it will still come out much more smooth.

I also feel that I didn't quite understand the story. I understand he sneaks up on a guy and tries to "make his move" (For lack of a better term), I understand the other guy isn't interested, but where does the story go from there. Did the first guy go and pick up a bomb? What happened between him and the other guy? What was the point of him picking up the lego brick? I feel that a good animation can tell a clear story without the use of words. I feel that this story was never finished and that it needed to be clearer as to what is going on and what's happening in the movie.

As for the music, I think music should compliment any animation or movie. Music can be used to set the mood or tone and can dramatically alter a movie's final product. I feel that this song was not suited for this scene. Sometimes we have to stray from songs we would normally listen to and find songs that can help set the tone we want. I think this tone was set for more of a disco/upbeat type of environment, not so much a failed...move attempt.

For music choice, We have a huge collection of songs here on Newgrounds that I'm sure people would be willing to collaborate on. All it takes is just a PM to the owner and clear intentions with the music. Alot of users are happy to help with their music and to lend theirs out under CC. If they don't give you permission there are plenty of others who might be willing to.

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Quit and rob a bank Quit and rob a bank

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Normally I frown upon "stick-dudes", but this one wasn't like the others because you animated mouths and added personalities to the characters. I think the audio quality could have been better but it was still understandable. I also wish there was more to this animation, perhaps in the storyline. The wide angle made it a little hard to see everything that was going on.

I definitely think you have potential of an animator and I would like to see more work from ya.

The Nordic Treasure The Nordic Treasure

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I don't mean to sound mean or rude, but I don't think this piece should be here on Newgrounds. I think speed-paints should be left on Youtube since Newgrounds is more of an animation community. I thought the art piece itself was good and it's fine to post the art piece itself in the art portal, but I don't think this video has a spot here on Newgrounds.

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Puppet Grumps: The Orgy Puppet Grumps: The Orgy

Rated 1 / 5 stars

I gave this a one because of several reasons. I don't think this is the place for live action movies, definitely more of a youtube thing. I think newgrounds prides itself on animations and digital content. If this were done with 3D animation, that's one thing, but I didn't see that.

I also noticed that the lip syncing was definitely off. I feel that nailing that down is what really brings puppets to life.

My third reason is that I feel Game Grump remakes (for lack of a better term) has become very cliche, and as a viewer, that turns me away.

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P-mation: "Uneasy Rider" P-mation: "Uneasy Rider"

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked it. I thought the sound effects and the music were great quality. I also thought the animation was pretty smooth. It was very relatable, as I too like to show off yet I never learn my lesson when it comes to stuff like that.

I wish there was more content though, but I think you earned yourself a fan. Keep up the great work

The Window Cleaner The Window Cleaner

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I liked it. I don't remember the song from Eye Toy however. I thought the concept was funny and well planned for the song. I also like the old style of the cartoon. It brings back a nostalgia feeling and I quite prefer old style cartoons. I'm an old-school guy like that.

Its definitely catchy and has alot of replay value. I would definitely like to see more work from ya. keep up the great work

JOY (Part 1) JOY (Part 1)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved this animation. The sound quality was great. The story was great. The animation was great. It takes alot of skill to tell a good story without any words at all. I feel anyone can understand the story and it can also make people relate to it. You can definitely feel the emotion there.

I wish I could give this more stars, it honestly deserves it. You put in a lot of time and effort into perfecting this. This made it to my top 5 favorites of all time here.

I also liked the Powerpuff Girl/Scott Pilgrim feel to it as well.I can definitely see the inspiration behind it. Keep up the great work, you've earned a fan who can't wait to see more work from ya.

BryanV responds:

Thanks! You're right, a lot of my art style is influenced by Powerpuff Girls, not so much Scott Pilgrim though.